Influencer Migrant TikTok Posts Leading To Capture

( A Venezuelan migrant named Leonel Moreno, 27 has become a controversial figure on social media, sparking outrage and accusations of exploiting the US immigration system. Moreno, currently an absconder from an immigration program, gained notoriety for his TikTok videos offering dubious advice to other migrants on how to “live off the US government.”

His videos, which have since been removed, instructed viewers on claiming vacant homes and accessing government benefits. Moreno also made headlines for defending a 15-year-old Venezuelan migrant accused of a violent crime in New York City.

These actions and his claims of receiving substantial government aid while seemingly having a large sum of cash have painted a confusing picture.

According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Moreno entered the US illegally in April 2022 and participated in a program allowing monitored freedom while awaiting a court date.

However, he failed to appear in November and is now considered a fugitive. Following the suspension of his original account with nearly half a million followers, Moreno resurfaced with a new profile featuring tearful videos claiming persecution and threats.

Moreno’s antics have deeply divided the Venezuelan community. Many denounce him as a troll, accusing him of using their struggles for personal gain and fueling animosity towards migrants seeking a better life in the US. Others speculate he’s intentionally stirring controversy, aiming for greater viewership and profit from the platform.

His case comes at a sensitive time for the US-Mexico border, which has seen a surge in Venezuelan arrivals fleeing the economic and political crisis in their homeland. His content has fueled anxieties among some Americans already apprehensive about the situation, with online comments ranging from calls for stricter immigration policies to threats of deportation.

Venezuela’s situation is unique. With over 7.7 million people displaced, it represents the largest migration crisis in the world, surpassing war-torn regions like Syria and Ukraine.

The socialist takeover two decades ago triggered a devastating economic collapse, forcing millions to seek refuge elsewhere. Many initially stayed in neighboring South American countries, but a growing number have been seeking entry into the United States in the last few years.

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