Insane Blogger Sentenced After Starving Newborn Of Milk And Demanding Baby Lived Off Sunlight Diet

( A self-proclaimed Russian lifestyle blogger, 44-year-old Lyutyi Maxim, has been sentenced to eight years in a high-security prison for causing the death of his newborn son, Cosmos. Lyutyi reportedly subjected the infant child to a dangerous and ultimately fatal regimen based on the belief that sunlight could replace food and milk.

The child weighed just three and a half pounds by the time of his death, and eventually succumbed to emaciation and pneumonia. The father, who advocated for extreme and unscientific dietary practices, reportedly kidnapped the child and stopped the mother, Oxana Mironova, from seeing the child for long periods. The child was also reportedly forced to take cold baths to make him a “hard man.”

Mironova was determined to have played a lesser role in the death of the child, though still received a non-custodial sentence of two years’ “correctional labor.” During the trial, relatives of Mironova said that she was under the control of Lyutyi and afraid to challenge his strange beliefs and ideas.

During the trial, the court heard of the father’s “prana-eating” practice – an idea that humans can survive from sunlight and forego all food and water. The father believed that the child would survive on a diet of sunlight alone, and promoted the idea to other parents. During the trial, however, Lyutyi attempted to blame the mother, arguing that the child died of an iron deficiency caused by her. The court was not convinced, however, and it was revealed during the trial that Lyutyi himself ate a regular diet of pasta and meat while in custody.

Mironova’s family told the court that Lyutyi was running a “sect” and that they believed Mironova was held captive by him. A cousin of the mother also recounted a time when Lyutyi stopped her from feeding the baby, forcing her to attempt to secretly breast feed the baby. The control was so extreme that Lyuti even blocked the mother from attending the hospital during labor, forcing her to give home at birth – and refraining from seeking medical attention until the child’s tragic death.

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