Jen Psaki Caught in a Lie Issues False Biden Claim During Killed 13 Service Members Ceremony

( Former Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki blatantly lied about President Joe Biden’s controversial behavior in a ceremony that was conducted to honor 13 American soldiers who died during Biden’s hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In her new book, Psaki claimed that Biden did not look at his watch during the honoring ceremony of the soldiers but only did it after the conclusion of the event.

However, video proof, pictures, and the media outlets present at the event confirmed that Biden was seen checking his watch at least twice during the ceremony, apparently waiting for it to conclude.

Even the family members of military veterans have claimed that Biden indeed looked at his watch during the ceremony, with some of them even stating that the president did it more than a dozen times.

Darin Hoover, whose son was among the 13 deceased military officials, suggested that the attendees were saluting every fallen member during the ceremony, and Biden looked at his watch on every salute.

Similarly, the mother of another killed soldier, Humberto Sanchez, noted that she wants justice for her 22-year-old kid, adding that Biden disrespected him and other service members with his disgraceful actions.

Meanwhile, mounting criticism has forced Psaki to retract her statement. Six Gold Star families demanded a public apology from the former press secretary for calling such a disheartening incident “misinformation.” Psaki has now told Axios that any fallacy in the book will not be included in the future reprints.

When this event happened in August 2021, Psaki was still serving as the White House Press Secretary. She was asked about Biden’s behavior of looking at his watch during the ceremony, but she avoided the question and instead answered that Biden has himself suffered with the loss of his beloved son.

13 American service members died on August 26, 2021, when the US forces deployed at the Kabul airport were targeted by a suicide bomber. Terrorist outfit ISIL took the responsibility of the attacks.

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