Joe Biden Staring Down Haitian Migrant Invasion as Nation Begins to Crash

( – Amid mounting concerns over a potential surge in migration, President Joe Biden’s administration is preparing for a possible mass exodus from Haiti during his 2024 reelection campaign. There are indications that the administration may resort to forcibly returning migrants to the troubled island nation.

During a recent hearing before the House Armed Services Committee, Rebecca Zimmerman, a senior Pentagon official overseeing homeland defense, highlighted the precarious situation in Haiti. She emphasized the possibility of worsening conditions in Haiti, driving more people to migrate.

Gen. Laura Richardson, commander of U.S. Southern Command responsible for homeland defense, also stressed the military’s readiness to handle a potential influx of migrants, stating that they have requested increased capability to address such a scenario.

Leaks from border agents in Miami have raised further concerns, suggesting that federal officials might not attempt to return migrants arriving in U.S. coastal waters on small, sail-powered freighters. The leaked email from the New York Post warned that the Coast Guard might only escort such vessels to land ports due to the breakdown of the government in Haiti, making repatriation unlikely.

President Biden’s administration has previously demonstrated a tough stance on migrants, particularly in response to crises like the one witnessed in Del Rio, Texas, in September 2021. Despite criticism, border chief Alejandro Mayorkas oversaw the rapid deportation of thousands of Haitians back to their homeland, a move that shocked many and drew condemnation from pro-migration groups.

However, Mayorkas has consistently advocated for more lenient immigration policies, citing principles of equity and sympathy for migrants. Under his leadership, the administration has granted Temporary Legal Status to thousands of Haitians and implemented controversial parole programs allowing further migration into the United States.

Despite Mayorkas’ pro-migration stance, polls indicate growing opposition among Americans to such policies, posing a potential challenge to President Biden’s reelection prospects.

Ultimately, the Biden administration has been caught up in balancing the American people’s concerns with current political realities as it sorts ways to deal with the ongoing migration issues.

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