Joe Manchin Puts 2024 Rumors to Rest

( – Senator Joe Manchin has officially put the rumors to rest as he announced that he would not run for the White House. The West Virginia senator, who has long been a key player in bipartisan negotiations, cited the recent failure of a border security deal as a significant factor in his decision.

In an exclusive CNN appearance with Kaitlan Collins, Manchin expressed frustration about the failed bill, which he initiated to solve the ongoing crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border. While acknowledging the severity of the ongoing border crises, He noted that his colleagues who initially backed border security measures later withdrew their support, which led him to conclude that Washington wasn’t addressing the problem.

The bipartisan deal, which included additional aid for Ukraine and Israel, fell apart due to opposition from both Republicans and some Democrats. Facing pressure from former President Trump, GOP senators balked at the agreement, while some Democrats felt it did not go far enough in addressing the root causes of migration.

Manchin decided to forgo a presidential run after months of speculation about his political ambitions. The senator, known for his willingness to buck his party on occasion, had hinted at a possible third-party bid, aiming to appeal to the sizable moderate segment of the electorate.

While announcing his decision, Manchin refrained from endorsing any current presidential candidates, indicating that his focus remains on mobilizing the political center. He stated his intention to work towards building a movement representing the interests of moderate voters, who he believes are increasingly disenfranchised by the current political climate.

In light of these, the West Virginia senator’s decision throws the Democratic primary race wide open, with several contenders vying for the nomination. His withdrawal also raises questions about the future of bipartisanship in Washington, as his ability to bridge the divide between Democrats and Republicans is typically seen as a “rare commodity.”

When questioned by Collins about a potential Biden-Trump rematch, Manchin remained noncommittal. However, he highlighted the time frame before such a scenario unfolds and acknowledged the possibility of additional candidates entering the race.

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