Joe Rogan Predicts Dems Will Kick Biden To The Curb!

( US podcaster, comedian, and mixed martial arts commentator Joe Rogan is known for covering a range of conspiracy theories on his show. During an April 6 episode with fellow comedian Andrew Schulz, Rogan theorized that the Democratic Party will replace US President Joe Biden with another candidate in May.

Rogan said he believes Biden has “got until May” before Democrats replace him. However, Rogan contended that Biden may have to “kick the bucket” before Democrats switch him out for another nominee.

Americans understand that Biden has health problems, Rogan said. Schulz suggested that Democrats may replace Biden with California Governor Gavin Newsom. Rogan added that Newsom would likely receive the support of Vice President Kamala Harris if he replaced Biden.

Numerous political commentators have speculated about the possibility of Newsom replacing Biden, but Newsom has pushed back on such speculation. In September 2023, Newsom said that it’s time to “move past” the notion that Biden will not run in the 2024 race.

Although Rogan is a self-described liberal and has interviewed several Democratic politicians on his podcast, he has criticized the Biden administration on multiple occasions.

In March 2024, Rogan said that the Biden administration is “out of their f–king minds.” His guest, author James Lindsey, pointed to officials like Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine. Rogan called Levine an “unhealthy person” in charge of health, adding that China must be laughing at the situation. Lindsey also brought up former energy official Sam Brinton, who was charged with luggage theft.

Rogan also criticized White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, claiming that it is “ridiculous” to watch her answer questions during press briefings. Rogan recalled a case where Jean-Pierre accidentally posted as Biden from her own social media account.

If Newsom or any other Democratic politician were to replace Biden ahead of the 2024 election, the question arises whether they would take his staff with them or entirely replace the administration.

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