Kamala Refuses to Address Key Issues on Campaign Trail

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) US Vice President Kamala Harris has been hitting the campaign trail as half of a 2024 presidential ticket with President Joe Biden. However, Harris has been careful to avoid certain issues during the campaign events in effort to steer clear of some contentious topics ahead of Election Day in November.

Harris has focused many of her speeches on the issue of abortion access, which Democrats view as a winning strategy for the 2024 race. The speeches have also frequently touched on LGBTQ+ and civil rights issues. Harris has stuck to the same script during events in multiple so-called swing states, including Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.

Despite the Biden-Harris campaign’s likely rematch against former US President Donald Trump, Harris has refrained from raising his conviction on 34 felony counts in a New York court. The Hatch Act restricts certain political speech by federal government employees, although there are exceptions for the president and vice president.

Harris has also avoided addressing concerns about Biden’s age and mental fitness to serve a second term as president. As vice president, Harris is first in line to take over for Biden if he were to die or otherwise prove incapable of carrying out his presidential duties.

A majority of likely voters in the United States, 57%, believe that Biden is mentally declining, according to a poll conducted May 28-30. Just one-third of voters believe that Biden is not losing mental sharpness, the poll found.

Ignoring such issues and focusing on “kitchen table issues” is a smart strategy for Harris and the campaign, San Francisco Democratic Party vice chair Carrie Barnes, who attended one of Harris’ speeches, said. Biden’s values remain unchanged regardless of his age, Barnes said.

Harris is not only lauding Biden on the campaign trail, but also on official vice presidential business. Harris is conducting a nationwide Economic Opportunity Tour to tout the Biden administration’s work on economic issues.

Come Election Day, Harris will see whether her strategy of focusing on abortion, LGBTQ+, and economic issues pays off.

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