Law Enforcement Says Las Vegas Law Office Shooter Targeted Specific Victims

( A peaceful Monday morning in the affluent Summerlin neighborhood quickly turned into a scene of horror as a man in his 70s fatally shot two individuals before taking his own life at a local law office. The tragic incident happened during a deposition hearing in a child custody case, leaving two individuals dead before the shooter’s self-inflicted death.

According to Las Vegas police homicide Lt. Jason Johansson, it is alleged that the shooter deliberately targeted specific individuals, killing a man in his 50s and a woman in her 30s across the table before turning the gun on himself. The shooting took place a few minutes after the hearing commenced, shocking eyewitnesses and sending ripples of disbelief through the Summerlin community.

Four of the seven individuals present during the incident, including a court reporter, escaped and promptly alerted authorities. Thankfully, law enforcement swiftly located the children involved in the custody case, confirming their safety.

While authorities initially withheld the identities of the victims and the shooter, reports from Nexstar’s KLAS indicated that the deceased were Las Vegas attorney Dennis Prince and his wife, Ashley Prince. The law office, known as Prince Law Group, issued a statement expressing gratitude for the overwhelming support received after the tragedy.

Following the shooting, investigators thoroughly searched the shooter’s vehicle, a red Ford Expedition parked outside the office building, though specific findings remained undisclosed.

The loss of Dennis Prince, renowned as both a devoted father and esteemed attorney, deeply resonated within the legal community and beyond. His former law partner, Robert Eglet, mourned the tragic incident, highlighting that Prince’s passing not only affected him personally but also constituted a significant loss for the wider community.

Similarly, Tom Letizia, a political consultant and close friend of Prince, expressed profound shock and sorrow, describing Prince as a respected figure whose absence would be acutely felt.

The Summerlin neighborhood, where the shooting transpired, lies approximately 30 minutes west of the iconic Las Vegas Strip, stretching across roughly 13 miles along the city’s western edge.

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