Legendary Hollywood Director Dies Aged 98

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) Hollywood lost one of its legendary “B-movie” directors, Roger Corman, on May 9. Corman’s family announced that the filmmaker died at his California home at the age of 98, following a long career in the movie industry; the cause of death has not been made public.

Corman’s family said that he wanted to be remembered as a filmmaker. Corman directed, produced, and acted in numerous movies, many of which were low-budget by Hollywood standards. Corman worked on films including “The Little Shop of Horrors,” “X: The Man with the X-ray Eyes,” and “Death Race 2000” among hundreds of others.

Corman worked alongside many Hollywood figures who would go on to have successful careers, including Martin Scorsese, James Cameron, and Jack Nicholson. Filmmakers with whom Corman worked would frequently cast him in their own productions later in life.

Corman, born in Detroit in 1926, studied at Stanford University before joining the US Navy to serve in the Second World War. Corman returned to Stanford after the war to finish his degree.

In 1954, Corman released his first feature film, “Monster from the Ocean Floor,” and released racing thriller “The Fast and the Furious” in 1955, which ultimately spawned a multi-billion-dollar franchise. Corman went on to release up to eight films a year.

Corman was known for making films on low budgets and short timeframes. The filmmaker valued pre-production planning—a value he would pass on to fellow filmmakers he influenced.

Corman’s films were “revolutionary and iconoclastic,” his family said. Outside of his career, Corman was generous and kind to everyone, his family added.

Corman’s death sparked reactions from figures across the film industry, including Ron Howard, whose career Corman helped launch. Howard noted that Corman remained sharp and active up to his death at age 98.

To tell the history of the American film industry, which now spans over a century, would require mention of Corman and his accomplishments. Although the filmmaker was not known for making big-budget blockbusters, his skills behind the scenes undoubtedly influenced those who have created such movies.

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