Letitia James Celebrates Conviction Spree

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) New York’s liberal Attorney General Letitia James celebrated the destruction of a drug trafficking ring, whose 14 individuals face conviction for fentanyl trafficking in some counties of the Empire State.

Her office issued a statement, according to which 14 people were convicted for selling cocaine worth more than $250,000 and fentanyl pills as oxycodone.

The chief legal officer of New York stated that her administration is committed to using law enforcement authorities to make New York streets free from fentanyl, which has taken a lot of lives across the state.

The AG office claimed to hold an investigation to catch the trafficking ring that was responsible for smuggling almost 1 Kg of cocaine and almost 1,440 fake fentanyl pills. These items worth more than $130,000 were confiscated by the NY enforcement teams. Reportedly, the investigation lasted for almost 18 months as the AG office worked with the state police and the DEA teams to bust the gang.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) also appreciated the efficacy of the investigations against drug trafficking. The NYPD Superintendent Steven James stated that this crackdown against drugs is a clear example of how the state government is willing to go the extra mile to catch culprits who are responsible for bringing drugs to New York state.

The western parts of NY were most impacted by drug trafficking, which urged authorities to wiretap the cellphones of the chief suspect, Charles Sims, who was a resident of Buffalo. Sims purchased the drugs from some other people convicted in the case and then resold the drugs, also to some other convicted individuals, who sold them further. It is believed that some gang members are still free who managed to avoid the arrests.

Erie County Judge James Bargnesi sentenced all 14 convicted felons to different prison terms based on their involvement in the crime. Some low-level felonies are punished with five years’ probation, while high-level crimes will push some felons behind bars for as long as nine years.

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