Mainstream Media Calls On Biden and Trump To Commit To Debates

( America’s top media houses have united to issue a joint statement urging this year’s leading presidential candidates, Biden and Trump, to commit to debates during the campaign season.

The consortium, consisting of Noticias Univision (Univision Network News), C-SPAN, PBS NewsHour, NPR, USA Today, ABC News, CNN, FOX News Media, NBC Universal News Group, The Associated Press, and News Nation, emphasized the crucial role of these debates in shaping the nation’s future.

The letter stressed on the gravity of the upcoming election, noting that Americans generally agree on the heightened significance of this election during a polarized period. Additionally, it reinforced the belief that direct debates between candidates are irreplaceable, enabling them to directly articulate their visions for the nation to the American people.

This call for commitment comes against the backdrop of the RNC’s (Republican National Committee) decision in 2022 to prohibit future GOP presidential nominees from participating in debates organized by the nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates, which has overseen general election debates since 1988.

However, despite this party stance, Trump’s campaign managers, Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles, conveyed the former president’s willingness to engage in debates. They urged the Commission on Presidential Debates to ensure fairness and impartiality in organizing the events. They advocated for an expanded debate schedule to allow more Americans to witness the candidates in action before casting their votes.

Trump, who faced criticism for avoiding primary debates during his previous campaign, has expressed readiness to engage in debates for the upcoming election. In a recent radio interview with conservative host Hugh Hewitt, Trump even proposed the idea of having ten debates with President Biden.

During a Pennsylvania rally, Trump underscored the importance of debates by symbolically leaving an empty podium on stage alongside a placard stating his readiness for the debates. He emphasized on the importance of these debates, expressing apprehensions regarding the nation’s trajectory.

Meanwhile, when President Biden was quizzed about the prospect of debating Trump, he remarked that the possibility of a debate would be based on Trump’s behavior.

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