Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Dismembering Wife’s Body

( Nicholas Metson, aged 28, has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder and dismemberment of his 26-year-old wife, Holly Bramley. The family of the victim has condemned Metson as an “evil monster.” Metson admitted to committing the heinous crime, resulting in Bramley’s body being cut into over 200 pieces, with some parts discovered in the River Witham in March 2023.

Metson, along with his friend Joshua Hancock, also aged 28, carried out the gruesome act. Hancock was sentenced to three years and three months in prison and additionally received a sexual harm prevention order for ten years.

Bramley’s family expressed that while the sentencing represents a significant step in their journey of grief and healing, it by no means brings closure. They made their statement outside the court.

During the trial, it emerged that the couple, who got married in 2021, were on the brink of separation when the murder occurred. Metson, who has autism spectrum disorder (ASD), stabbed Bramley multiple times before dismembering her body in their Lincoln residence.

Presiding over the case, Judge Simon Hirst emphasized the brutality of the crime, stating that the manner in which Bramley’s body was treated after her murder prevented the determination of the cause of death. The court heard that Metson restrained his wife in a headlock before the fatal assault, during which she bit him in an attempt to escape.

Despite Metson’s ASD diagnosis, Judge Hirst denounced his actions, noting that the extent of dismemberment went far beyond what was necessary to dispose of the body and couldn’t be justified by his condition. The judge also criticized Metson for failing to provide an explanation for the murder and subsequent disposal of Bramley’s remains, stating it added to the anguish of her family and friends.

In the days following the murder, Metson misled authorities and attempted to cover his tracks by seeking advice on disposing of a body online and impersonating Bramley on social media to make false confessions. He then enlisted Hancock’s help to dispose of the remains, offering him money for his assistance.

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