Marine Arrested After Horrific Mass Shooting Plan Discovered

( Law enforcement arrested a Marine in New Jersey who was allegedly plotting a brutal mass shooting against white people.

23-year-old Marine, Joshua Cobb, was arrested after his old social media posts revealing a detailed mass shooting plan were discovered.

According to the US Attorney for New Jersey, Philip R. Sellinger, Cobb joined the military last year and was posted in California.

Sellinger’s office stated that Cobb posted on his social media profiles about his preparations to launch a major attack against white people. In this message, Cobb wrote about acquiring guns, among other preparations before his planned mass shooting attack.

Cobb, who is a black American, stated that he wants to kill white people as much as possible since they do not know his struggles. In the shocking post from December 2022, Cobb further wrote that he would attack the white community in 2023 in the state of New Jersey, adding that this event will happen on an important holiday of white people. He further wrote that he was already aware of his entry and exit points to the mass shooting location, and nobody at that place would be armed enough to stop him.

However, in May 2023, Cobb announced he would delay his attack, stating he was still acquiring more training and ammunition.

In a separate message, Cobb expressed his hope to become a “serial killer” to make everyone aware of his sufferings that he believes can only be understood through “bloodshed.”

The now-discharged Marine even wrote that he was writing these posts for law enforcement, which would investigate his case in the future.

Now, after his arrest, police have found more notes on his phone. One such note suggests that he wanted to cause havoc across New Jersey but did not pursue it due to the lack of ammunition and finances. He also told the police that he idolized other mass shooters.

If convicted, Cobb could be imprisoned for five years and fined $250,000.

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