Mayorkas Slams Governor: “Trying to Wreak Havoc”

( – US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is attempting to shift the blame for the consequences of illegal immigration onto Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Mayorkas accused Abbott of trying to “wreak havoc” in other states through his approach to the migration crisis in the United States.

Texas has pursued a policy of shipping migrants to Democratic strongholds, many of which maintain so-called “sanctuary” policies that protect migrants from federal immigration laws. Texas also launched an independent border security operation despite pushback from the Biden administration.

Texas’ border security initiative, titled Operation Lone Star, has resulted in more than half a million illegal immigrant apprehensions and more than 40,000 criminal arrests. Texas has transported tens of thousands of migrants to cities across the US, including Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York City, and Washington, DC.

Abbott is refusing to communicate and coordinate with other officials on immigration matters, Mayorkas said. Mayorkas also rejected Abbott’s claims that U.S. President Joe Biden has existing authorities to secure the border from illegal immigration and does not require additional action from the US Congress.

However, Mayorkas himself is facing impeachment for allegedly refusing to implement existing federal immigration laws. On February 13, the US House of Representatives passed articles of impeachment against Mayorkas, citing a willful and systematic refusal to enforce the law.

Although House lawmakers recommended impeaching Mayorkas, the Democrat-majority US Senate may not take up the issue at all. Democrats are expected to try and dismiss an impeachment trial in the upper chamber of Congress.

The Senate could also form a trial committee to investigate the accusations against Mayorkas in advance of a full trial on the charges. Convicting Mayorkas on the impeachment charges would require two-thirds support in the Senate.

Whereas Mayorkas is at risk—albeit low risk—of losing his job over his handling of border security, Abbott appears entirely secure in his position, despite criticism from Mayorkas and other Biden administration officials.

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