Melania Trump Shares News of Her Mother’s Passing

( – The mother of former First Lady Melania Trump, Amalija Knavs, died after a battle with illness over the winter holidays, Trump said in a statement on January 9. Trump described her mother as a gracious and dignified woman who was “entirely devoted” to her family.

The Trump family will continue to honor Knavs’ legacy, the former first lady said. Former President Donald Trump also published a statement on Knavs’ death, in which he called her an incredible and beautiful woman.

Knavs was born in Austria in 1945 and spent her childhood there and in Slovenia, which was then part of Yugoslavia. Knavs worked at a textile factory, where she designed patterns. Melania Trump credits her mother with introducing her to the fashion world. Knavs’ own mother worked as a seamstress.

Donald Trump acknowledged Knavs’ declining health during a New Year’s Eve event, characterizing her as “very ill,” when asked why his wife was not in attendance. Melania Trump also reportedly spent Christmas with her mother.

Trump’s legal team in the New York civil fraud trial attempted to postpone closing arguments in the case, but Judge Arthur Engoron denied the request. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik described Engoron’s decision as “despicable,” and Senator Steve Daines called it evidence of Engoron’s political agenda.

Melania Trump has largely avoided the public spotlight amid her husband’s legal troubles and 2024 presidential campaign. However, she did endorse Trump’s candidacy and said that she looks forward to leading the US with “love and strength.” Melania Trump said in an interview after leaving the White House that serving as First Lady was a great honor and that she enjoyed living in Washington.

Knavs and her husband, Viktor, received US citizenship in August 2018, after Melania Trump served as their familial sponsor to obtain green cards and permanent resident status. In addition to Melania Trump, Knavs is survived by her husband, her oldest daughter, Ines Knauss, and grandson, Barron Trump.

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