MIT Sued Over Female Application Color Scheme Banning White Women

( A conservative advocacy firm, Legal Insurrection Foundation (LIF), filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for its discriminatory educational program that enrolls female students of multiple ethnicities while excluding white students.

According to the complaint filed by the Equal Protection Project of the LIF with the Office of Civil Rights of the Department of Education, MIT should provide “remedial relief” to compensate students who are discriminated against due to this program.

The program, known as “The Creative Regal Women of Knowledge” (CRWN), inspires women of color by providing them with financial assistance and mentoring that would help them become visionary human beings, according to the university website. Students in their second year and higher can participate in the controversial program and can stay till the completion of their degrees.

The president of the conservative group, William Jacobson, stated that the program violates the civil rights of other students who do not fit the definition of “women of color.”

He added that this program contradicts the policies of the Education Department’s OCR, which prohibit discriminatory practices in educational institutions.

The complaint also mentioned that the discriminatory program only serves the purpose of promoting racism and gender discrimination among students. Similarly, the complaint also criticized MIT for “re-segregating” students despite receiving federal funding.

Meanwhile, after facing mounting criticism, MIT has edited its website and urged students of “all” genders and ethnicities to apply to the program. However, the website still mentions that the CRWN aims to benefit women of color in their academic and professional lives.

Discussing MIT’s website edits, Jacobson claimed that the university is trying to rewrite its controversial initiative, adding that he still doubts the intention of the college to enroll students of other ethnicities and sexes.

Jacobson has a long history of anti-discrimination advocacy, and his Equal Protection Project aims to challenge discriminatory treatment in government, businesses, and educational institutions. He previously faced backlash from BLM activists who tried to fire him from Cornell University where he teaches law.

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