MTG vs Johnson Feud Boils to a Head

( US House Speaker Mike Johnson’s future as leader of the House of Representatives has been put into question by Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene and several other House Republican lawmakers, following Johnson’s support for a multi-billion-dollar foreign aid package and surveillance authority renewal. Although Greene has yet to trigger a motion to vacate Johnson as speaker, the threat to his leadership position looms large.

On May 6, Johnson met with Greene and Congressman Thomas Massie behind closed doors, after Greene said she intended to advance the motion to vacate later that week. The lawmakers declined to provide details on the meeting, but scheduled more talks for May 7.

Even though Greene and some other House Republicans support the effort to oust Johnson, House Democratic leadership said that they would help to block the motion to vacate. However, the Democratic leaders did not take a clear position on whether they would support Johnson if the motion clears procedural hurdles.

Greene has criticized Johnson for advancing aid for Ukraine, Israel and Indo-Pacific allies, despite objections from some House Republicans. The legislation ultimately passed with the support of many House Democrats. Greene has also blasted Johnson for serving as the deciding vote on a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Section 702 reauthorization bill, which also passed the House of Representatives.

Greene has suggested that Johnson is controlled by Democrats or otherwise compromised. Johnson is a member of the so-called “uniparty” in Washington, according to Greene.

However, former US President Donald Trump has privately asked Greene to end her effort to oust Johnson. Trump stressed to Greene that the Republican Party must maintain a united front.

Johnson has repeatedly affirmed his intention to continue his role as House Speaker, but it will ultimately be up to House lawmakers to decide his fate. If Greene’s criticisms of Johnson are correct, then Democrats may indeed save him, although such a move may only further reinforce the accusations against him.

Update: MTG was left embarrassed after failure to gain support, Trump issued stern warning to stand down and stop any further attempts of ousting speaker.

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