NBA Star Receives Lifetime Ban From the League

( The National Basketball Association (NBA) kicked Toronto Raptors player Jontay Porter out of the league for allegedly betting on games and sharing information with gamblers. An NBA investigation determined that Porter’s gambling activities violated the league’s rules.

Porter allegedly shared confidential information about his health with a bettor prior to a game on March 20, in which he played only several minutes after claiming to have fallen ill. An online gambler placed an $80,000 bet that Porter would underperform in the game, for a payout of $1.1 million, according to the NBA. However, the conspicuous bet resulted in the payout being frozen.

Moreover, Porter personally placed 13 bets on NBA games through an associate’s account, the NBA said. Porter made a profit of $21,965 from the bets, which totaled more than $54,000 in wagers, according to the league.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver called Porter’s alleged action “blatant” and said that nothing is more important than safeguarding the integrity of competition in the league. The NBA began investigating Porter after betting operators and a gambling oversight organization tipped the league off about unusual activities related to the March 20 game.

The Toronto Raptors said that they are fully supportive of the NBA’s decision to ban Porter from the league. Raptors President Masai Ujiri said that the team was surprised by the news because nobody saw it coming.

Gambling has become an increasingly popular part of the sports industry in recent years, following the legalization of online gambling in many states. In 2023, 11 professional athletes were found to have engaged in sports gambling, prompting a number of disciplinary actions.

Oklahoma State University business management professor John Holden said that he expects some leagues to address the issue by banning player proposition bets, like the wager on Porter’s performance in the March 20 game. However, Villanova University sports law professor Andrew Brandt contends that leagues are sending a mixed message by signing brand marketing deals with betting platforms.

Given the rise of online sports betting, leagues will have to balance the need for uncorrupted competition with their desire to capitalize on the popularity of gambling.

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