Nikki Haley Crushed by ‘None of These’ in Humiliating Loss

( – Former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley suffered defeat in Nevada’s symbolic Republican presidential primary on Tuesday, February 6th. Voters overwhelmingly chose the “none of these candidates” option, which starkly rejected her bid as the last major rival to frontrunner Donald Trump.

Trump, who did not actively campaign in the non-binding primary, remains focused on the upcoming caucuses scheduled for Thursday. This strategic move positions him closer to becoming the Republican nominee despite the primary’s lack of delegates.

Regardless of the primary’s technically non-binding nature in the Republican race, the outcome still greatly affected Haley’s aspirations. Notably, she became the first presidential candidate from either party to lose to ” none of these candidates” since its introduction in Nevada in 1975.

Reacting to the results, Trump took to Truth Social to highlight Haley’s defeat, emphasizing her substantial margin of nearly 33 points behind the “none” option, with 93% of the vote counted.

Haley’s decision to skip extensive campaigning in Nevada drew criticism, as she focused on states she deemed fairer, like her home state of South Carolina. Her campaign downplayed the results, attributing them to Nevada’s unique characteristics. Moreover, spokeswoman Olivia Perez-Cubas dismissed the primary as a game rigged for Trump.

Notably, several prominent Republicans, including Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo, publicly declared their intention to vote for “none of these candidates.” Additionally, Bruce Parks, Washoe County Republican Party Chair, encouraged voters to choose the “none” option over Haley, citing her perceived disregard for Nevada voters.

Nevada GOP Chairman Michael McDonald, a Trump ally, shared similar sentiments, emphasizing Haley’s seeming disrespect for voters, and it’s reflected in the outcome.

Ultimately, all eyes were on the caucuses, which Trump dominated, to no one’s surprise — further solidifying his position as the GOP frontrunner. The caucuses represented the only Nevada contest contributing to the GOP’s presidential nomination, with 26 delegates at stake.

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