Nikki Haley Requests Secret Service Protection Amid Multiple Threats

( – Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley is seeking a protective detail from the US Secret Service due to recent threats to her safety. The former US Ambassador to the United Nations continues her race against Donald Trump for the Republican Party nomination despite facing a string of defeats in nominating contests around the country.

Haley has employed personal security during her campaign, but now wants extra protection from the Secret Service. Haley said she requires bolstered security due to “multiple issues,” adding that threats are a reality of running for president. However, Haley stated that she would not allow threats to her safety to deter her campaign.

The Secret Service provides protection to major candidates, as determined by the Secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security, in consultation with a joint congressional panel.

Haley has been the target of so-called “swatting” attacks, which involve calling in a false report to law enforcement in an effort to cause harm to a victim. In one such attack, police arrived at Haley’s house with guns drawn, where her parents were home with a caretaker.

Although Haley remains Trump’s only challenger for the Republican Party nomination, she has yet to win a primary or caucus as of this writing. Notably, Haley lost the Nevada primary on February 6, despite Trump not even running in the race.

Haley came in second place in the Nevada primary, behind the “none of these candidates” option. Trump opted to participate in Nevada’s Republican Party caucuses instead of the primary.

Nevertheless, it appears as though Haley considers herself a major enough candidate to warrant Secret Service protection, which was denied to fellow 2024 presidential contender Robert F. Kennedy Jr., even though his campaign has faced at least two significant threats. Trump receives lifetime Secret Service protection as a former president.

Haley has expressed a desire to remain in the race against Trump, but it remains to be seen whether she will last long enough to receive Secret Service protection.

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