No Labels Prepares to Launch Third Party Ticket as 2020 Rematch Looks Likely

( – No Labels, an independent political group in the United States eyeing a bipartisan ticket in the 2024 presidential election, is coming closer to launching its bid amid purported discontent with both of the major political parties. The group believes that they have a pathway to victory if US President Joe Biden and former officeholder Donald Trump rematch in 2024, which appears likely.

“The vast majority of [voters] aren’t happy with the likely major party nominees,” No Labels chief strategist Ryan Clancy said. Clancy said the group offers voters an alternative choice to Biden and Trump.

No Labels is consulting with people around the country about what sort of candidates they would want to see on an independent ticket, Clancy said, adding that the group has yet to determine whether to put a Democrat or Republican at the top of the ticket.

A so-called “unity ticket” has more support among voters than either Biden or Trump, according to No Labels. The group projects that it could win up to 286 electoral college votes.

No Labels founding chairman and former Senator Joe Lieberman said that the group is focused on securing ballot access in all 50 states. No Labels has secured ballot access in 14 states and is in the process of securing access in 13 others.

Nevertheless, No Labels has engaged with potential candidates, Lieberman said. No Labels should announce candidates no later than April, Lieberman added.

On January 11, No Labels sent a letter to the US Justice Department, requesting that it address alleged efforts by political strategists to hinder the group and infringe on voters’ rights. Although critics of No Labels have a right to freedom of speech, US law prohibits intimidating, threatening, or coercing people who may be inclined to support the group, the letter said.

Although it remains uncertain whether No Labels will ultimately back a 2024 presidential ticket, it is undoubtedly making moves in that direction.

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