NY Times Editor Reveals White House Wants Paper to Be Communist Propaganda Arm for Biden

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) New York Times Executive Editor Joe Kahn suggested that US President Joe Biden and his team may want the news organization to serve as a propaganda outlet for them. Kahn’s statement comes following a publicized quarrel between the New York Times and the White House over Biden’s reluctance to conduct an interview with the outlet.

The Biden regime became frustrated with the New York Times’ coverage of the president and his administration, leading them to retaliate against the news organization by cutting them off from access to information and refusing a sit-down interview with Biden. Tensions had been growing between Biden’s team and the New York Times for years, but came to a head when the outlet mistakenly attributed a remark to a specific administration official instead of an anonymous “on background” source.

Administration sources have severed ties with reporters for the New York Times in response to critical coverage of Biden. For example, Biden’s team took issue with the outlet for covering concerns about the president’s advanced age and low approval ratings. The Biden White House and campaign have also grown incensed with the New York Times for allegedly failing to cover Trump more critically—an accusation at which the news organization has scoffed.

Khan questioned whether the New York Times ought to stop covering or minimize issues that could be favorable toward Trump. Khan also rhetorically asked whether the outlet is supposed to become an “instrument” of the Biden campaign and turn itself into a propaganda outlet like the Soviet Union’s Pravda or China’s state-owned Xinhua News Agency.

Instead of attempting to mend ties with the New York Times by sitting down for an interview with the outlet, Biden chose to sit down for an interview with shock jock radio host Howard Stern, one day after news of his team’s tensions with the New York Times went public. Despite his reputation of controversial remarks, Stern’s interview with Biden was tame.

Although Biden and his administration frequently highlight the importance of a free and independent press, it appears as though he favors outlets that kowtow to his regime.

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