Oklahoma Suffers Devastating Loss and Damages After Tornado Destruction

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) Multiple tornadoes tore across the central United States on April 25-28, ripping apart houses and killing at least five people. The extreme weather event also dropped several inches of rain across some areas and left thousands of people without power.

Four of the five tornado-related fatalities occurred in Oklahoma and the fifth occurred in Iowa. Among the four deaths in Oklahoma was a four-month-old infant.

The dozens of tornadoes also impacted areas of Texas, Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Missouri. The region is commonly referred to as “tornado alley” due to the relative frequency of tornadoes in the area.

In addition to the fatalities, approximately 100 people were injured by the tornadoes in Oklahoma, the state’s health department said. Towns in the state including Sulphur, Marietta and Holdenville suffered serious damage.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt traveled to Sulphur, where he said the extent of the damage is unbelievable. Stitt declared a state of emergency in a dozen counties in response to the tornadoes.

US President Joe Biden also offered Stitt federal support. Nebraska and Iowa plan to seek federal assistance as well.

The series of tornadoes had been deemed the worst such weather event of 2024. The National Weather Service (NWS) received information about 88 tornadoes on April 26, marking the most active tornado day of the year so far. Overall, the multi-day tornado spree resulted in more than 100 confirmed tornadoes.

Initial NWS assessments noted damage indicative of EF-3 and EF-4 tornadoes; EF-3 tornadoes feature three-second wind gusts of 136-165 miles per hour and EF-4 tornadoes produce gusts of 166-200 miles per hour. Damage reviews are still underway as of this writing.

Footage of some of the tornadoes went viral on social media. The tornadoes, although destructive, were a weather spectacle, the reality of which videos could only begin to convey.

The tornadoes and the associated deaths and damage serve as a reminder of the destructive power of extreme weather, which can literally tear communities apart.

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