Paul Ryan Suggests Trump Lacks Character and Will Not Vote For Him

( Former House Speaker Paul Ryan, who serves on Fox Corporation’s Board of Directors, revealed that he will not vote for former president Donald Trump in this year’s presidential elections.

Ryan claimed that Trump lacks the character that is needed to be the President of the United States. Meanwhile, Ryan also suggested that he would not vote for Joe Biden either but instead write in the name of another Republican, just as he did in the 2020 elections while casting his ballot. He did not reveal the name of the candidate he will write in.

Ryan also noted that democracy is facing two prevailing threats right now: one from the rising polarization among Americans and the second from the authoritarian regimes worldwide that believe that decision-making is faster without democracy.

Being a board member of the Fox Corporation, Ryan is responsible for important decision-making of the conservative news network. He reportedly helps the network determine their “strategic direction” alongside doing risk management and deciding the overall content strategy of the corporation.

This is not the first time that Ryan has spoken openly against Trump. Last year, he stated that he believed that Trump would not be able to win the Republican presidential nomination, claiming that everyone knows that the Republican Party will lose the elections if it goes with Trump.

Ryan served as the House Speaker during Trump’s presidency, but he has still emerged as an outspoken critic of the former president. He has blamed Trump for Republicans’ below-average performance in the 2022 midterm elections.

The former speaker also urged the Republican Party to rise above personality-based populism, claiming that this is a recipe for losing the elections. He backed the likes of other anti-Trump Republicans like Liz Cheney and claimed that Trump is nothing more than an “authoritarian narcissist.”

Ryan also dismissed Trump’s claims that the 2020 presidential elections were stolen.

Meanwhile, Fox News has also faced backlash for not telling its viewers about Ryan’s views.

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