Pelosi Recommends Nobody Debate Bully Trump

( Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi advised President Joe Biden not to debate former President Donald Trump after both the candidates agreed to share the debate stage on June 27 and September 10.

According to Pelosi, Trump did not behave professionally when debating Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016. The former House Speaker noted that Trump was “stalking Hillary Clinton,” adding that his actions did not suggest that he was running for such a high office.

Trump also attracted criticism for talking over Biden in the 2020 presidential debates, with some reports suggesting that he interrupted his opponent more than 100 times.

Instead of debates, Pelosi continued, both Trump and Biden should attend separate town hall events where the public would question them, which will help Americans gauge their effectiveness for the top job.

For a long time, the possibility of presidential debates was bleak as Biden continued averting questions about them. However, the ice melted when Biden offered to debate Trump twice in his video message, asking the former president to choose the date of his choice.

Trump immediately accepted the offer, and two major news networks, CNN and ABC News, invited both candidates to debate on their channels.

Pelosi added that now when the debates have already been planned, the format that Biden is proposing seems like a good one.

Biden wants the showdowns to have no live audience and proposes that both candidates wear microphones, which can be turned off if any candidate speaks beyond the allocated time.

Anonymous Biden advisors revealed that the presence of a crowd would give a significant advantage to Trump, but it is not favorable for Biden as the president can even have difficulty hearing during loud rants and boos. Biden also reportedly did not want RFK Jr. in the debate.

Democratic strategists believe that Biden’s decision to debate his Republican rival will give voters a clear pathway to listen to both candidates comprehensively before making their voting decisions.

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