Planet Fitness Assigns Bodyguard to Transgender Gym Member.

( A Planet Fitness member in Alaska, Patricia Silva, was banned after complaining about a transgender woman shaving in the women’s locker room. Silva claims the transgender woman still uses the women’s locker room with staff assistance.

Planet Fitness banned Silva after she described witnessing a transgender woman in the locker room. The decision sparked backlash, causing the company’s value to drop $400 million in five days. However, Planet Fitness defended its stance, arguing discomfort isn’t a reason to exclude transgender members.

Silva told The New York Post the transgender woman still uses the women’s locker room with staff assistance. According to Silva, a staff member told a concerned friend they could use a stall if uncomfortable.

In early March, Silva shared her encounter with the transgender woman on Facebook. She confronted the individual after seeing them shave and expressed discomfort with their presence in the women’s locker room.

In response, Planet Fitness revoked Silva’s membership and filed a police report against her for violating gym policy by taking photos or videos in the locker room. However, these actions contradict the gym’s commitment to creating a safe and inclusive environment.

Yvette Cormier, a Michigan woman who lost her Planet Fitness membership nine years ago in a similar situation, expressed support for Silva. Cormier sued Planet Fitness in 2015 after encountering a transgender woman in the locker room. She sees parallels between her case and Silva’s.

Cormier suggested unisex bathrooms for people transitioning genders, arguing separate facilities are crucial for privacy and safety. However, in her case, Cormier claimed the individual wasn’t transgender but a “pervert” with a history of stalking women. She expressed concern about potential risks to women’s safety if such situations go unchecked.

Meanwhile, Planet Fitness reaffirmed its commitment to inclusivity, emphasizing its non-discrimination policy based on gender identity. The gym allows members and guests to use facilities matching their self-reported gender identity. Still, it stresses the importance of following gym rules, including restrictions on using mobile devices in locker rooms.

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