Police Make Heartbreaking Discovery in Sewer Drain

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) – The nation is in shock after the Columbus Division of Police made a tragic discovery on Friday, February 16: they found the body of five-year-old Darnell Taylor in a sewage drain, and they suspect his foster mother, Pammy Maye, of his murder.

The tragedy unfolded on Wednesday morning when Darnell went missing from his south Columbus home. An Amber Alert was immediately issued, igniting a desperate search for the young boy. However, hope turned to horror early Friday morning when police discovered Darnell’s body in a sewage drain.

The investigation led to police arresting Maye, 48, who allegedly held her husband’s mouth shut during a 911 call, revealing her involvement in the boy’s death.

The Amber Alert was issued at 5:10 am on Wednesday after Darnell disappeared. By 3 am the following morning, his foster father called 911, revealing that Maye had admitted to the child’s death. Tragically, Darnell’s body was located shortly after 1 am on Friday in Marsdale Avenue, following Maye’s arrest and her alleged confession to the location.

Maye’s behavior before Darnell’s disappearance paints a disturbing picture. She was seen wandering in a nightgown after the child went missing, raising serious concerns about her mental state and potential involvement. The investigation further revealed her vehicle was parked near where Darnell’s body was found, solidifying the suspicion surrounding her actions.

While investigators continue to probe the details of the crime, the motive behind this horrific act remains unclear. Darnell’s biological family, who entrusted Maye with his care, is grappling with immense pain and regret. They haven’t seen Darnell since his foster mom gained full custody in May 2023, and they have expressed concerns about limited contact and unanswered questions.

In a statement reflecting the somber mood of the Columbus community, Chief Elaine Bryant said that the Columbus community is mourning the loss of young Darnell. She expressed the collective grief and reiterated her unwavering commitment to justice, stating that it was not the desired outcome but that they would do everything it takes to bring justice for the dead child.

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