Putin Ally Claims Third World War is Already Underway

Putin Ally Claims Third World War is Already Underway

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) – Russian television presenter and alleged Kremlin propagandist Vladimir Solovyov claims that the international community is already engaged in a third world war amid conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East. Solovyov also pointed to remarks by former US President and 2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump that echo his belief.

“In my opinion, it’s already underway,” Solovyov said, in reference to a possible third world war. More than 50 countries in the “collective West” are confronting the Russian Federation, Solovyov said.

The Kremlin has up to two years to bolster its economy to compete with the West, which he noted is not a geographical term but rather an ideological one. Western countries will move their economies to a wartime footing, Solovyov said.

Trump has similarly said that the United States is headed toward a third world war. The US is “closer to World War Three than we’ve ever been,” Trump said during a speech in Iowa on October 7. Trump also claimed that he is the only candidate who can prevent such a catastrophic conflict from coming to pass.

Trump said that neither the conflict in Ukraine nor the conflict in Israel would have happened under his leadership. On January 15, Trump ended up winning the Iowa Republican Caucus, in which he received a majority of support.

The US State Department has characterized Solovyov as a propagandist, citing alleged disinformation. Solovyov has claimed that the US Defense Department is developing biological weapons in Ukraine, that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is mentally ill, and that Ukraine is a Nazi country, according to the State Department.

The European Union and United Kingdom sanctioned Solovyov for his comments on the Ukraine conflict. Solovyov’s programs also face restrictions on video hosting platform YouTube.

However, Russian Media Monitor creator Julia Davis—who uploaded a clip of Solovyov’s remarks—called the video a glimpse into the “propaganda kitchen” headed by Solovyov. Davis was sanctioned by Russia for her own media activities.

Although the world may be on a trajectory toward a global conflict, fighting remains limited to Ukraine and the Middle East for now.

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