Rep. Lauren Boebert Granted Temporary Restraining Order Against Former Husband

( – Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) secured a temporary restraining order against her ex-husband, Jayson Boebert, on Monday, February 5, following allegations that he threatened her and himself, as reported by the Denver Post.

A filing in Garfield County court detailed Rep. Boebert’s claims that Jayson Boebert had made multiple suicidal threats and threatened to harm her over the past 14 months. Additionally, she asserted he texted her that he had entered her Stilt, Colo., home without permission, intending to remove and destroy her personal belongings.

In response to these allegations, Jayson Boebert countered these claims, telling the Associated Press he entered the house to clean it for “her Granny’s” arrival. The judge granted the temporary restraining order, which may become permanent at a hearing later in the week. It protects the couple’s three minor children, their 18-year-old adult son, and one grandchild.

This development follows Jayson Boebert’s recent arrest earlier in the month, stemming from an incident at Miner’s Claim restaurant in Silt on January 6, where he alleged Rep. Boebert punched him in the face. He was also involved in an alleged altercation with their son, Tyler Boebert, on January 9. Jayson Boebert faces charges, including harassment, third-degree trespassing, disorderly conduct, prohibited use of weapons, obstructing a peace officer, and third-degree assault.

Representative Boebert’s request for the restraining order cited both incidents and expressed concerns for her safety. A police report alleges that during the January 9th altercation, Jayson Boebert acted aggressively towards their son, even grabbing a rifle while intoxicated.

Regarding the January 6 incident, Jayson Boebert denied any intention to harm Representative Boebert, stating to the AP that he would never harm Lauren and just wanted his space. However, he did not comment on the January 9 incident with his son.

Additionally, Jayson Boebert accused Representative Boebert of using the restraining order to justify her decision to run for office in a different congressional district.

Last December, Representative Boebert announced she wouldn’t seek re-election in Colorado’s 3rd District but would instead run in the more Republican-leaning 4th District. At the time, she stated it was the right move for her personally and the right decision for those who support their conservative movement.

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