Republicans Suggest Impeachment After Israel Aid Refused

( Republican US Congressman Cory Mills launched an effort to impeach President Joe Biden for his decision to withhold certain weapons from Israel over its planned military operations in the Gaza Strip city of Rafah. The impeachment resolution filed by Mills mirrors a 2019 impeachment resolution against former president Donald Trump over his alleged attempt to engage in a quid pro quo with Ukraine aid.

On May 8, Biden said in an interview that he would pause the flow of some weapons to Israel in the event it launches an incursion into Rafah. The White House later confirmed that Biden sent the same message privately to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who in turn said that Israel will “stand alone” if need be.

Mills dubbed Biden’s actions as it relates to Israel a “quid pro Joe,” accusing the president of withholding congressionally appropriated aid for his own political benefit. Biden is attempting to win over pro-Palestine protesters, who have been critical of the Biden administration’s approach to the Israel-Hamas conflict, Mills said.

Biden’s decision is also an attempt to boost his electoral standing in the swing state of Michigan, where he trails Trump, Mills said. The action is a clear violation of his duties and an abuse of presidential power, according to Mills. The congressman said that he is seeking the support of House Speaker Mike Johnson and other House Republicans, some of whom have already backed the effort.

Mills’ impeachment resolution is not the only legislative effort intended to address Biden’s actions. House Majority Leader Steve Scalise teed up a vote on a bill to block the Biden administration from withholding congressionally approved military aid from Israel for as soon as May 15.

The bill would require the Biden administration to send the withheld aid within 15 days, lest the State Department and Pentagon lose funding. The bill also formally condemns the Biden’s administration’s decision to pause certain arms transfers to Israel, citing threats from Iran and its proxy groups.

Although an impeachment effort is likely to fail in the Democrat-majority Senate, the House passing the measure would send a message to the administration that it cannot meddle with Israel aid without pushback.

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