RINO Romney Blasts Biden Over State of the Union

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) – Republican US Senator Mitt Romney took aim at President Joe Biden for his annual State of the Union speech on March 7, in which he criticized Republican lawmakers on several policy issues. Biden took “cheap shots” at Republican members of Congress using false pretenses, Romney said in response to the president’s address.

Biden claimed that Republicans are seeking to slash Social Security, although Romney said such a contention is “simply wrong.” The senator said not a single Republican lawmaker advocates cutting Social Security.

Romney also blasted Biden for the parts of his speech focused on domestic political issues, calling the president’s remarks part of the standard “liberal playbook” for a State of the Union address. Voters are tired of hearing empty promises of additional benefits, Romney said.

Romney added that Biden’s biggest mistake was not addressing concerns about the United States’ rising debt and deficit. According to data from the Treasury Department, the US national debt is approximately $34.46 trillion as of this writing.

However, Romney praised Biden for his remarks on foreign policy, which included advocating for further Ukraine aid and humanitarian assistance to the Gaza Strip. Other Republicans have called on Congress and the Biden administration to address border security and other domestic issues first.

Romney was not alone in watching Biden’s State of the Union speech; the remarks drew 32.3 million viewers, marking an 18% viewership increase from 2023. Nearly three-quarters of viewers, 74%, were age 55 or older, according to Nielsen Media Research data.

The speech could be Biden’s final State of the Union if he loses his reelection bid in November. The event was an opportunity to address both lawmakers and millions of potential voters ahead of Election Day.

As is tradition, Republicans organized an official response to Biden’s speech, which was delivered by Senator Katie Britt. Some analysts criticized Britt’s speech for its dramatics, but leading 2024 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump praised the response. Britt’s speech was aimed at appealing to women voters, which accounts for its difference in tone from Biden’s remarks, Trump allies reportedly said.

Regardless, whether the criticisms of Biden’s State of the Union come from Romney, Britt, or an everyday American, it is clear that not everyone is satisfied with the president’s speech.

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