RNC Chief Resigns 2 Months After Taking The Job

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) Charlies Spies, the Republican National Committee lead counsel, has resigned after only two months in the position.

A spokesperson for the RNC said the decision came after Spies told the RNC Chief of Staff about schedule conflicts with his personal law firm. The RNC decided that Spies is not capable of performing the full-time role of lead counsel. Despite that, Spies was allegedly “pushed out” of the role and did not resign on his own terms. The RNC also said they think Spies is knowledgeable and professional in the position, but he just can’t keep the time commitments necessary for the position.

Spies took the role in March following a transition of staff within the organization. Donald Trump was heavily involved in the process and personally chose the chair and vice chair. When Spies was hired, his stated role was to focus on issues related to election security. In a statement, the RNC said it would be “aggressive” in making sure citizens can easily vote, but will not be able to rig or change the outcome of the election.

One point of contention between Spies and former President Trump is that Spies disagreed with the notion that election fraud occurred in 2020. Trump initially supported the hiring of Spies in the role but was allegedly angered after seeing videos of him denying claims of election fraud. In a follow-up statement, Spies said that the position wasn’t an appropriate role for him based on his other professional obligations. He maintained his dedication to helping Trump and other Republican candidates win their respective elections in 2024.

Trump took to Truth Social to celebrate the removal of Spies as head lawyer for the RNC. In his post, Trump said the change is excellent news for the Republicans to no longer have a “RINO” in position as the chief lawyer for the Republican Party. RINO is an acronym that stands for Republican in name only.

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