RNC Exposes Biden’s Border Lies

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) – US President Joe Biden’s position on border security has changed over the course of his time in the White House, as chronicled by a Republican National Committee (RNC) video compilation. The RNC released a video on February 27, highlighting Biden’s shifting stances on the illegal immigration crisis in the United States.

Biden initially claimed in 2021 that his administration had the border under control. Biden repeated such claims for years, before finally admitting that the immigration system is “broken” in February 2024. The video also features statements by other top Biden administration officials, who repeatedly claimed that the US’ borders were secure.

However, US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) data shows that the border is not, in fact, secure from illegal immigration. CBP documented approximately 250,000 migrant crossings from Mexico in December 2023—the highest monthly figure ever recorded.

A majority of migrant encounters at the US-Mexico border, 54%, involved single adults, according to CBP data. A significant majority of Americans, 80%, believe that the Biden administration is doing a poor job addressing the situation at the border.

Biden is now changing his position on the border because it is a “politically convenient” time to do so, outgoing RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said. On February 29, Biden traveled to Texas to urge lawmakers to pass border security legislation. Biden has only visited the border twice as president.

Biden’s trip to Texas coincided with a visit to the state by former US President Donald Trump. Biden denied having been aware of Trump’s trip when he scheduled his own visit to Texas.

Whereas Trump visited Eagle Pass—one of the busiest areas of the border—Biden visited Brownsville, which is 29th in terms of illegal migration traffic. Texas’ border security efforts at Eagle Pass have been the focal point of a clash between the state government and the Biden administration, which has attempted to thwart Texas’ work to secure their share of the US-Mexico border.

Given Biden’s shifting stances on border security, perhaps he will again change his position and support Texas in its attempt to address illegal immigration, instead of claiming that there is no issue to address at all.

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