Russian Scientist Commits Suicide After Grandmother Dies in Missile Attack

( – A Russian defense industry engineer reportedly committed suicide after learning that one of the weapons he helped produce killed his grandmother in Ukraine. The rocket scientist left a suicide note expressing his dismay about the situation, according to the reports, although the veracity of the document remains unclear.

Horobets worked at a plant operated by Russian defense company Almaz-Antey, which is headquartered in Moscow but maintains facilities around the country. The company specializes in air-defense systems.

Horobets’ alleged suicide note said that a missile he “had a hand in” struck his grandmother’s house in Kharkov, Ukraine. The engineer said that he could no longer live with the situation or contribute to Russia’s operations in Ukraine.

The note was shared through the Telegram app, but its authenticity could not be independently verified. The Russian government has yet to comment on the reports.

The Russian defense industry lost the worker amid efforts by Ukraine to grow their own domestic arms production capacity. Russia has increasingly targeted Ukrainian defense industry sites, according to Ukrainian military equipment manufacturer Ukrainian Armor. Russia considers the Ukrainian defense industry as a “big threat,” Ukrainian Armor director general Vladislav Belbas said.

Ukraine’s efforts to grow their own defense industry comes alongside efforts by the United States and its allies to arm Ukraine with their own military stocks. However, foreign support for Ukraine’s military is still critical, Belbas said.

Whereas the Russian rocket scientist may have played a role in his grandmother’s death, Ukraine may be responsible for downing a plane carrying dozens of Ukrainian prisoners of war. Russia claims that Ukraine shot down a plane transporting 65 Ukrainian POWs ahead of a prisoner exchange.

Ukraine says that it has no information to verify who was on the downed plane, but has neither confirmed nor denied their involvement in the incident. Russian authorities are investigating the situation, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has also urged an international probe.

Considering Ukraine and Russia’s efforts to bolster their defense industries, it appears as though both countries are preparing to continue their fight into the foreseeable future.

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