Sanctuary Cities Complain of Recent Migrant Influx

( Residents of so-called sanctuary cities that refuse to enforce federal immigration laws are beginning to rise up against the policy, amid a surge of illegal immigration to the United States under the Biden administration. People in cities like Chicago and New York City are speaking out against the impact that sanctuary policies have on American citizens.

One video from South Shore, Chicago—an area that US President Joe Biden won with 97% support in the 2020 election—showed a variety of residents complaining about the consequences of the city’s sanctuary city policy. One resident claimed that he was put on a program’s waitlist but told that immigrants get priority. The man referenced the saying that “charity starts at home,” eliciting agreement from the audience.

During an episode of the “Thinking Outside the Box Podcast” released on March 4, black residents of Chicago also discussed the consequences of the migrant crisis on the city. One woman in the audience claimed that migrants are “bankrupting” Chicago’s city government programs. One host questioned the woman about her voting history, to which she admitted to voting for Biden.

“This is your fault,” the host replied. The women subsequently argued that the US Congress is responsible for the migrant crisis.

In addition to migrants that independently make their way to Chicago, the state of Texas is also sending thousands of migrants to the city. Texas has transported more than 32,500 migrants to Chicago since August 2022 as part of Operation Lone Star, which aims to address problems arising from the Biden administration’s failure to secure the border.

Texas has also sent more than 12,500 migrants to Washington, DC and nearly 40,000 migrants to New York City, both of which are sanctuary jurisdictions. However, New York City Mayor Eric Adams wants to resume limited cooperation with federal immigration officials.

Adams proposed handing migrants suspected of major crimes over to federal immigration authorities. Adams said that he wants to return to the standards of previous New York City mayors, who believed in holding criminals accountable.

Perhaps the discontent among residents of Democrat-leaning cities will translate into policy changes like Adams’ proposal, or even into changes in leadership.

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