School Principal Arrested on Triple Murder Charges

( An assistant principal of an Alabama school faces murder charges after being apprehended in Georgia for a 2013 cold murder case of three people.

The principal, Keante Harris, committed this heinous crime with the help of three other people, namely Kenneth Thompson, Kevin Harris, and Darrell Harris, all of whom have also been arrested in different parts of the country and now face charges of malice murder.

According to a statement released by the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office, the perpetrators kidnapped the victims at gunpoint and subjected them to torture before killing them.

Decade-old police records suggest that the police found the dead bodies in an abandoned car on January 13, 2013, during their routine patrol.

As the investigation unfolded, the police found that the three men were killed in Clayton County, Georgia, before their bodies were transported to Fulton County, where police eventually found them.

It was not until recently that the Clayton County Sheriff, Levon Allen, received the arrest warrants for the four suspects involved in the cold-hearted murder. Allen arrested all of them within two days of receiving the warrants with the help of his “elite fugitive unit.”

The Fulton County medical examination revealed that a couple of victims died due to asphyxiation, and one was strangled to death.

The families of the victims welcomed the arrests and are committed to speaking to the media at an appropriate time.

Three out of the four suspects share the surname “Harris,” but it is yet to be found if they are somehow related.

Keante Harris was the assistant principal of McAdory Middle School, which has a total enrollment of almost 929 students. This school is located in Jefferson County, Alabama. The spokesperson of Jefferson County Schools stated that the initial investigations revealed that the crime was not related to Harris’s job at the school. Now Harris has been placed on a “paid administrative leave” as law enforcement officials gather evidence of his involvement in the murders, the spokesperson added.

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