Senator Encourages Americans to Remove Protestors Blocking Highways

( Pro-Palestine protestors across the United States have taken to blocking traffic in an effort to draw attention to their cause. However, US Senator Tom Cotton urged Americans whose lives are disrupted by such demonstrations to take matters into their own hands to move the protestors.

It is time to put an end to such “nonsense,” Cotton said in a statement via social media platform X. The statement came following nationwide protests on April 15, organized by activist group A15 Action. The protests took place in the wake of large-scale Iranian drone and missile attack on Israel, which Tehran launched in response to an Israeli strike on Iran’s embassy in Damascus.

The group called on pro-Palestine activists to block “major choke points” in the US economy. Protestors need to switch from symbolic actions to economically painful ones, the group said on its website.

More than three dozen protestors were arrested in the San Francisco Bay area for blocking the Golden Gate Bridge and interstate traffic in Oakland, according to the California Highway Patrol. The protestors hindered traffic and demanded the United States stop sending weapons and funding to Israel.

Some of the protestors put their arms into barrels filled with concrete, which reportedly weighed nearly 300 pounds. Authorities had to cut into the barrels to move the demonstrators.

Pro-Palestine protestors also blocked traffic in Chicago, Seattle, and New York. Demonstrators blocked interstate traffic into Chicago O’Hare International Airport, prompting the airport to advise travelers to take other forms of transportation to the facility. Protestors likewise blocked traffic into the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

In New York, protestors blocked traffic toward Manhattan on the Brooklyn Bridge. New York Police made multiple arrests during the demonstration, which started with 150 protestors but quickly grew in numbers.

Although it is unclear exactly how Cotton would recommend moving the protestors as a private citizen, it is easy to imagine how fed-up Americans might pursue the matter.

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