State Department Issues Americans Urgent Travel Warning For Venezuela

( The US State Department has issued a “Level 4: Do Not Travel” advisory to Americans against traveling to Venezuela due to rising lawlessness, terrorism, kidnappings, and other issues.

According to the State Department, Venezuela has a history of detaining American citizens and not letting the US government maintain any contact with the detained individuals.

The notice also stated that anti-government protests can erupt anytime in Venezuela and that the government is always keen to dismantle those protests through violent tactics like firing rubber bullets and using tear gas against participants. Furthermore, the advisory continued, the country is facing a shortage of many basic facilities like electricity and water that can also disrupt the quality of life.

Venezuela president Nicolás Maduro is seeking re-election against a former diplomat, Edmundo Gonzalez, who became the joint candidate of the opposition parties after a politically-motivated disqualification of Maria Corina Machado.

Although opposition candidates supported by Machado continue to enjoy huge support among the Venezuelan populace, there is a growing concern that the current administration can even bar Gonzalez from contesting the July 28 elections.

The country is also facing oil sanctions from the United States, which accuse the Maduro administration of not conducting free and fair elections.

Back in 2018, the Trump administration refused to recognize the Venezuelan election results. In 2019, the former president severed all diplomatic ties with them and urged Americans to leave the country.

As the domestic situation in Venezuela continues to deteriorate, the United States is also seeing a rising influx of illegal immigrants fleeing the country.

Nearly 335,000 illegal immigrants from Venezuela tried to enter the United States in FY 2023 compared to only 50,000 in FY 2021.

There is also a growing consensus that potential criminals and terror groups from Venezuela are also exploiting loopholes in the US immigration systems to enter America.

The Venezuelan socialist government has also attracted criticism for allegedly aiding terrorists by providing them with travel documents.

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