Texas Gains Surprising Support in Border Battle

Texas Gains Surprising Support in Border Battle

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) – The already heated tug of war over border security between the state of Texas and the Biden administration recently intensified as independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. threw his weight behind the Lone Star State. In a scathing rebuke of the President’s approach, Kennedy echoed criticisms frequently voiced by Republicans and endorsed Governor Greg Abbott’s defiance against the removal of border fencing and razor wire.

Kennedy took to X (formerly Twitter) to express support for Texas, emphasizing that Biden’s failure to secure the border left states with no other option but to take matters into their own hands. He also said that, if elected President, he would put a stop to the humanitarian crisis, secure the border, and dismantle drug cartel operations.

This endorsement comes amid several political figures backing Abbott’s resistance to federal authority. The Supreme Court dealt a blow to the Governor just days prior, siding with the Biden administration and permitting border agents to dismantle the disputed fencing.

The Texas Governor, adamant about the state’s right to act, maintains the perceived inaction of the federal government drove his decision. He argues that Texas has a constitutional obligation to safeguard its borders due to what he (and many others) sees as a dereliction of duty by the Biden administration. However, the federal government counters that such unilateral actions by states impede their ability to manage border security comprehensively.

Further escalating the tension, Abbott accused the Biden administration of breaching its constitutional duty to enforce immigration laws, claiming the President has instructed agencies to disregard statutory mandates. According to reports from Mediaite, Abbott, in a statement, condemned the administration’s failure to execute immigration laws faithfully and accused them of violating the state’s constitutional rights.

Kennedy, a consistent critic of what he terms a “border crisis,” previously criticized Biden’s policies, labeling it a “disaster” in a September 2023 Newsweek piece. His latest stance aligns him with Abbott and other Republicans who view the border situation as a national security emergency demanding stricter measures.

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