Trump: “Abortion Laws Should Be Determined By States!”

( Former US President Donald Trump clarified his position on abortion as part of his 2024 bid to return to the White House. Trump, who is the presumptive Republican Party presidential nominee, said that he believes restrictions on abortions should be left up to state governments, not the federal government.

Trump claimed credit for the US Supreme Court’s 2022 decision to overturn its previous Roe v. Wade ruling and return the right to regulate abortions to the states. Trump appointed three of the current nine Supreme Court justices.

State governments must now use their authority under the ruling to create their own abortion laws through legislation or votes, Trump said. The issue is now about “the will of the people,” Trump said. Trump did not elaborate on his own stance on abortion, such as at what week of pregnancy abortions ought to be banned.

However, some fellow Republicans were not pleased with Trump’s position. Trump’s former running mate, Mike Pence, called the position a “slap in the face” to pro-life Americans. US Senator Lindsey Graham also said that he disagrees with Trump’s stance.

Trump fired back at critics on social media, urging them to study the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution, which reserves powers not delegated to the federal government to the states. Overturning the Roe v. Wade ruling has always been about returning the abortion issue to the state level, Trump said.

Indeed, several states have been weighing the issue in their own courts in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision. Florida’s Supreme Court allowed abortion restrictions in the state to move forward and also allowed the appearance of a ballot measure to protect abortions. The Arizona Supreme Court is also set to rule on abortion policies in the state on April 9.

The Arizona Supreme Court will decide on whether to enforce a 2022 law that bans abortions after 15 weeks except in situations where the mother’s life is endangered, or an 1864 law that banned abortion outright except in cases where the mother’s life is at risk.

Based on Trump’s statement, such state-level cases are precisely where he believes issues regarding abortion ought to be decided.

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