Trump Dismisses Judge’s Threats: ‘Constitution More Important Than Jail’

( Donald Trump has spent a great deal of time in the courtroom instead of on the campaign trail, due to a New York trial involving alleged “hush money” payments to adult film actress Stormy Daniels. Trump has faced thousands of dollars in fines for violating a gag order in the case, and even expressed a willingness to face jail time for speaking freely.

New York State Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan has fined Trump for violating the gag order, which restricts his ability to speak about certain parties linked to the case. Merchan suggested that he could send Trump to jail if he continues to violate the order.

However, Trump appeared unfazed by the threat. Trump said that the US Constitution is “more important” than jail. Trump has insisted that his First Amendment right to freedom of speech is being stifled by the court and characterized the case as a form of election interference.

Trump is accused of falsifying business records to hide a payment to Daniels to cover up an alleged affair. Trump has both denied the affair and pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

On May 7, Daniels appeared in court to testify as a witness in the case. Daniels detailed her alleged experience with Trump, prompting Merchan to note that some of the salacious details were better left unsaid. Daniels is set to appear in court again on May 9 to provide further testimony.

Daniels’ testimony caused Trump to shake his head and curse. Merchan warned Trump’s legal team that such actions could be considered contemptuous.

Trump’s head shaking was visible to the jury and could “intimidate” Daniels, Merchan said. Trump’s attorney, Todd Blanche, said that he would speak with the former president about his behavior.

Although Trump would rather be on the campaign trail than in the courtroom, it appears as though he is willing to spend time behind bars in defense of his right to speak freely about the cases against him.

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