Trump Jr. Claims He Won’t Let Haley Become VP

Trump Jr. Claims He Won't Let Haley Become VP

( – In a recent Newsmax interview, Donald Trump Jr. firmly opposed the idea of Nikki Haley, the former UN Ambassador, serving as his father’s vice president if he secures the GOP presidential nomination. He stated, “I wouldn’t have her, and I would do everything to ensure that doesn’t happen.”

Amid swirling speculations, reports indicate that former President Donald Trump is considering Nikki Haley as a potential running mate should he secure the GOP nomination ticket for 2024.

During the interview, Donald Trump Jr. criticized Nikki Haley’s political views, citing her support for long wars, influence from the DC establishment, and preference among the billionaire class — similar to academia and Harvard using their wealth for influence. This sentiment resonates with Don Jr. and other prominent Trump allies, including the vocal Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has taken to social media to express strong opposition to Haley playing a significant role in a potential Trump administration.

In a recent post, Greene stated that MAGA supporters wouldn’t like Nikki Haley in Trump’s future administration, arguing that Haley belongs to a group in the Republican Party that they no longer support due to what they perceive as views not beneficial for America. Greene accused Haley of being dishonest, claiming she lied about not planning to run against Trump.

All the other candidates have yet to announce their running mates, as the primaries are still pending. Interestingly, Trump has allegedly considered several options, including the controversial Tucker Carlson. However, a Haley running mate option would undoubtedly boost the rating of Trump’s camp.

In a pre-Christmas poll of New Hampshire voters, Haley was the choice of 29 percent of likely Republican voters in the American Research Group survey, while Trump secured 33 percent support.

According to Haley’s spokesperson, Olivia Perez-Cubas, people in New Hampshire are eager for a new era of conservative leadership. With Nikki gaining momentum, it’s evident that the competition is now primarily between Nikki and Donald Trump, and we anticipate engaging in a one-to-one debate with him.

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