Trump Meeting Breaks Decades-Old Dry Spell

( – The Teamsters labor union’s political action committee donated $45,000 to the Republican National Committee (RNC) in January, after not having donated to the party since 2004. The donation comes off the back of a meeting between leading 2024 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Teamster chief Sean O’Brien.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters represents workers in a variety of industries, namely freight drivers and warehouse workers. The union has leaned Democrat in recent years, having endorsed every Democratic candidate in every presidential election since 2008.

However, Trump has said that he might receive the union’s full endorsement in 2024, noting that “stranger things” have happened. Trump reportedly met with O’Brien at Mar-a-Lago and in Washington ahead of the $45,000 donation to the RNC.

The union’s decision to donate to the RNC sparked concerns among some members. Some members are considering suspending their contributions to the Teamsters’ political action committee in response to the donation, which critics characterized as a “disheartening” move.

Other Teamsters contended that the union represents workers on both sides of the political aisle. Teamsters will be active at both the Republican and Democratic conventions to advocate for their positions, union spokesperson Kara Deniz said.

Deniz said the decision to donate to the RNC began prior to Trump’s meetings with O’Brien. The union also gave an equivalent donation to the Democratic National Committee.

The meetings between Trump and O’Brien could indicate that the union considers Biden a weak candidate and, as such, is attempting to develop a relationship with Trump, who is on track to win the Republican Party’s nomination. Nevertheless, Biden is expected to meet with the Teamsters as well in March.

Regardless of the intent behind the donation, it has raised eyebrows as a departure from recent norms of the union’s political activities. Whether the meetings and donation lead to a Trump endorsement remains to be seen, although such a move would likely create even more chatter.

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