Trump Slams Biden Over Deaths of American Troops

Trump Slams Biden Over Deaths of American Troops

( – On Sunday, January 28, Former President Donald Trump condemned the drone attack in Jordan that claimed the lives of three American service members. He attributed the incident to what he described as President Joe Biden’s “weakness and surrender” and connected it to his foreign policy decisions. In a statement, Trump expressed condolences to the families of the fallen and called for prayers for the wounded.

Trump characterized the day as a tragic one for America and shifted to criticize Biden, asserting that the attack resulted from Biden’s administration’s approach to Iran. Trump, while in office, claimed to have weakened, bankrupted, and brought Iran under control through his maximum pressure policy. He further claimed that upon assuming office, Joe Biden provided Iran with billions of dollars, which they used to wreak havoc across the Middle East.

Trump alleged that such an attack would not have occurred during his presidency and hinted at broader failures in Biden’s foreign policy. He also claimed that the Iranian-backed Hamas attack on Israel and the War in Ukraine would not have taken place under his leadership, asserting that the world would currently be at peace.

Trump concluded by emphasizing the need to go back to his foreign policy strategy, stressing the importance of achieving peace through strength to prevent chaos, destruction, and the loss of American lives. He closed with a strong statement against Biden’s leadership, stating that America cannot thrive with Joe Biden at the helm of affairs.

In response, the White House emphasized Joe Biden’s commitment to a decisive response. While offering condolences to the fallen, White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates highlighted ongoing actions against the Iranian-backed groups responsible for the attack.

Bates stated that President Biden quickly and decisively took action to ensure the Iranian supporters behind these hostile groups were held accountable. He then criticized the Republicans’ attempt to politicize the situation, labeling it as illogical and detrimental to safety and security.

The statement, however, aimed to deflect blame from Biden’s administration and instead shift the focus towards Republican criticism. Moreover, Bates noted that Republican officials had not criticized the previous administration during the 2020 attacks by the same militias on American troops.

Finally, he urged Republicans to support Biden’s actions against the perpetrators and the request for additional national security funding.

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