Trump Smashing Haley in Her Own Stomping Grounds

( – The GOP presidential nomination race in South Carolina has taken an interesting turn, as revealed by a recent poll carried out by Fabrizio, Lee & Associates. The poll, published by the Messenger, shows that former President Donald Trump holds a commanding lead in South Carolina. Trump maintains a substantial 35-point advantage over his sole remaining primary opponent, former Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina.

The survey, conducted among likely South Carolina Republican primary voters, shows that Trump secured an impressive 66 percent of support, dwarfing Haley’s 31 percent. Trump’s backing comprises 59 percent who express a definitive commitment to vote for him and six more who lean towards support. In contrast, seven percent of respondents were likely to support Haley, with 24 percent firmly committed. Notably, four percent remain undecided.

The dynamics of the race shift when voters become aware of former Representative Liz Cheney’s endorsement of Haley. In this scenario, Haley’s support drops to 29 percent, while Trump’s remains unchanged. Furthermore, the proportion of voters firmly committed to supporting Haley declined from 24 percent to 21 percent.

The poll for the pro-Trump MAGA Inc. PAC further assesses the impact of an anti-Trump advertisement aired by the Haley campaign in South Carolina, where the narrator questions Biden’s age and asserts Trump represents “too much chaos.” Among those exposed to the ad, 64 percent affirm their support for the 45th president, while 33 percent back Haley.

Even though over two-thirds of all respondents approve of Haley’s performance during her tenure as governor, Trump maintains a solid lead among those who view her favorably, leading 56 percent to 40 percent.

The memo from Fabrizio, Lee & Associates concludes that, despite positive job approval and significant campaign expenditures against Trump, Haley’s attempts to sway South Carolina Republican primary voters have been ineffective. The memo asserts that the state steadfastly remains a “Trump country.”

Having emerged victorious in the first two contests for the Republican nomination in Iowa and New Hampshire, Trump continues to enjoy widespread support. Nevertheless, Haley persists in her campaign, stating on NBC News’s Meet the Press that she intends to stay in the race until Super Tuesday on March 5.

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