Trump Threatens to Deport Prince Harry

(Featured Former President Donald Trump suggested that Prince Harry could face deportation from the United States if he lied on his visa application. Trump made these comments during an interview with GB News presenter Nigel Farage.

Trump emphasized that Prince Harry, who has been living in the US since 2020 with his wife, Meghan Markle, and their children, would not receive special treatment if he misrepresented his past drug use on his visa application. These remarks come in the wake of revelations from Prince Harry’s autobiography “Spare,” where he admitted to using cocaine, marijuana, and psychedelic mushrooms.

In his interview with Farage, the former president stated that authorities would take “appropriate action” if Prince Harry provided false information on his visa application. Notably, Trump had previously expressed no desire to protect the Duke of Sussex, citing his perceived betrayal of the Queen. He also hinted that if re-elected, Prince Harry would have to handle his immigration issues alone.

The discussion surrounding Prince Harry’s past drug use has sparked public debate, particularly regarding his immigration status. When individuals apply for a US visa to live and work in the country, they are required to disclose any history of drug abuse or addiction. However, according to claims by The Heritage Foundation, Prince Harry’s application in March 2020 may not have been successful.

Additionally, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is under scrutiny for how they have handled Prince Harry’s immigration records. A federal judge has ordered the department to explain why these records should be kept confidential. The DHS has requested more time to comply, citing the need for a thorough review and possible involvement of other government agencies.

The complexities surrounding the Duke’s immigration status persist, with the Heritage Foundation advocating for transparency to ensure no special treatment is given. They argue that Prince Harry’s public admission of drug use raises questions about the integrity of his visa application process. However, the DHS refuses to release any information, citing privacy concerns, leading to a standoff in federal court.

Despite arguments from both sides, Judge Carl Nichols emphasizes the need for a detailed review of the disputed records. The court demands transparency in handling Prince Harry’s immigration files, considering the implications of his past drug use and potential desire for US citizenship.

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