Trump Vows To Deport 20 Million Illegals

( Former President Donald Trump has announced his plans to launch a mass deportation drive targeting nearly 20 million illegal immigrants living in the United States, if he wins the presidential elections.

The former president has indicated to use the services of the National Guard to launch such a large-scale operation. If the National Guard is unable to perform the job, Trump is likely to use the military to deport all the illegal aliens.

During his interview with Time magazine, Trump talked about his plans to radically deal with the rising numbers of illegal immigrants in the US.

When asked if he would reverse the Posse Comitatus Act, which bars the government to use the military against citizens, Trump stated that illegal immigrants are not citizens.

Trump has also signaled that he would bring back his signature border policies, including the Remain in Mexico program and Title 42, both of which aimed to reduce illegal crossings into the United States. The Biden administration has already reversed these policies alongside promoting many more initiatives that contribute to illegal immigration.

Talking about this possible operation, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement revealed that the State Department will play a crucial role in such a large-scale deportation drive, and this might not have been possible without Congress’ funding.

Former acting director of the ICE, Tom Homan, who served in the Trump administration, stated that the authorities would need a lot of resources to carry out this operation. While Homan emphasized the importance of removing criminals and security threats first, he also stated that all illegal immigrants should eventually be deported.

Under the Biden administration, illegal immigration has emerged as one of the most pressing problems in the country. More than 7.2 million illegal immigrants have entered the country in the last three years, which has resulted in strained resources and increasing crimes. Border security has also become a prominent voting issue in the wake of these crises.

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