Unhinged Stalker Arrested at Celebrity’s Home

Unhinged Stalker Arrested at Celebrity's Home

(FeaturedHeadlines.com) – Police in Miami arrested a man on January 8 for allegedly stalking Colombian pop star Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, known commonly by just her first name. The 56-year-old man, Daniel John Valtier, traveled from Texas to the singer’s Miami home, claiming to be her husband when questioned by authorities.

Valtier made social media posts from late December to early January, in which he said that Shakira wants to spend the rest of his life with him and open a trucking business together, as well as an international garment manufacturing company. Valtier also sent gifts, including wine and chocolate, to Shakira’s home, according to an affidavit.

However, Shakira told police that she doesn’t know Valtier and expressed concern about how he obtained her personal information. On January 8, Valtier was arrested outside of Shakira’s home in Miami, where he arrived in a taxi. Shakira’s security staff had noticed a post on January 3, in which Valtier indicated he would travel to her home.

Valtier faces a misdemeanor stalking charge for the incident. A judge also issued a no-contact order for Valtier. The judge called Valtier “delusional” after he claimed in court that Shakira was his wife and that they talked all the time. The judge said that Valtier’s behavior was concerning to the court.

Moreover, the judge raised Valtier’s bond to $100,000, contending that the initial $50,000 bond may not be sufficient to guard Shakira and other members of the public. Valtier also faces a felony charge of hiring a vehicle in an attempt to defraud, after the taxi driver who brought him to Shakira’s home claimed Valtier never paid them for the ride. Valtier allegedly told the driver that the person inside the house was supposed to pay for the ride.

The incident with Shakira is not Valtier’s first encounter with law enforcement. Valtier’s criminal record dates back to 1988 in El Paso County, Texas. Valtier has faced charges of driving under the influence, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and drug offenses. Valtier’s most recent arrest prior to the incident in Miami was in 2019, when he faced criminal trespassing charges.

Shakira, 46, has two kids with Spanish soccer player Gerard Pique, although the couple confirmed their separation in June 2022.

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