US Citizen Among 7 Killed in Suspected Israeli Airstrike

( In an unfortunate turn of events, a group of aid workers, including a dual US-Canadian citizen, lost their lives in Gaza after what’s believed to be an Israeli airstrike. The incident happened shortly after the workers had delivered essential food supplies to the war-torn region.

According to Palestinian Red Crescent paramedic Mahmoud Thabet, six staffers from World Central Kitchen and their Palestinian driver were caught in the attack while leaving a warehouse in northern Gaza. When tragedy struck, the convoy, consisting of three vehicles, had just finished unloading over 100 tons of food.

Both Thabet and the humanitarian organization blame the deaths on an Israeli airstrike despite claims of coordination with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). CEO of World Central Kitchen, Erin Gore, expressed outrage, denouncing the attack not only as an assault on their organization but also on humanitarian efforts in conflict zones where food is used as a weapon of war.

The source of the missile remains unconfirmed, prompting the IDF to launch a thorough investigation into the incident. Among the victims were citizens from Poland, Australia, and Britain, as confirmed by celebrity chef José Andrés, the founder of World Central Kitchen.

Zomi Frankcom, a dedicated manager for World Central Kitchen from Melbourne, Australia, was among those killed. Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese mourned her loss, emphasizing the need for accountability and describing Frankcom as a hero who perished in the line of duty.

The horrifying reality of the attack was captured in graphic footage, showing some of the aid workers wearing protective gear with the charity’s logo. Andrés, devastated by the loss, condemned the actions of the Israeli government, calling for an end to indiscriminate killings and the use of food as a weapon.

In response to the tragedy, World Central Kitchen immediately suspended its operations in Gaza. The White House also expressed deep concern over the strike, emphasizing the need to protect humanitarian workers delivering vital aid.

The dire situation in Gaza exacerbates the urgency for humanitarian assistance, with Northern Gaza teetering on the brink of famine due to restrictions on aid deliveries.

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