US Embassy on High Alert As Violence Rocks Foreign Nation

US Embassy on High Alert As Violence Rocks Foreign Nation

( – Ecuador is on the brink of a full-blown crisis after President Daniel Noboa declared an “internal armed conflict” in response to a wave of violence sparked by the escape of a notorious drug cartel leader. The US Embassy has issued an alert, urging American citizens to exercise caution and monitor the rapidly unfolding situation.

The chaos erupted Sunday, January 7th, with the escape of Jose Adolfo Macías, alias “Fito,” leader of the Los Choneros criminal organization. His daring prison break in Guayaquil triggered a wave of retaliatory attacks by the cartel, targeting government buildings, private businesses, and even a news station.

On Tuesday, Ecuador woke up to the chilling sight of masked gunmen storming a live television studio, holding terrified staff hostage at gunpoint. This audacious act broadcasted nationwide was a stark reminder of the state’s precarious security.

President Noboa responded swiftly, declaring an “internal armed conflict” and authorizing the military to take decisive action against the criminal gangs. He declared twenty drug-trafficking groups as terrorist organizations and empowered the military to “neutralize” them within the bounds of international law.

The Education Ministry responded by shutting down all schools for virtual learning through January 12th, while the Labor Ministry recommended widespread telework to minimize risk. The US Embassy, mirroring this cautious approach, authorized telework for its staff and closely monitored the situation, raising concerns about the safety of American citizens.

The US State Department confirmed their awareness of the violence, kidnappings, and explosions and condemned the “brazen attacks.” They pledged their support to President Noboa and the Ecuadorian government, expressing readiness to provide assistance.

Ecuador’s police commander, César Zapata, confirmed the arrest of the thirteen gunmen who hijacked the television studio, announcing their weapons were confiscated and charges of terrorism were being levied against them. Fortunately, no one was injured during the incident.

The situation in Ecuador remains volatile. While the immediate threat of the television hostage-taking has been neutralized, the escape of another notorious gang leader, Fabricio Colón Pico of the Los Lobos, adds to the growing sense of instability. Colón Pico’s alleged involvement in the kidnapping and attempted murder of a prominent prosecutor further highlights the deep-seated criminal threat gripping the nation.

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